Monday, March 26, 2012


I know. I've been gone. But I had a good reason for it! I went to Vancouver for my Dad's 60th/my sister's wedding party/a family reunion. It was awesome. We had fun. We drank too much, ate too much, slept too little, all had bad colds, and family members that had never met got to meet. It had been a long time since I had been back on the west coast, and needless to say re-entry is proving kind of tough. I miss my family, the west coast, my family, being able to take vacations, and my family.

And now I'm back to the grind - trying to figure out how to make my family and farm here work around a work schedule and juggle every ball I seem to have in the air at the moment.

I have always had a soft spot for the Aquabus gray and shiny.

While it was in the mid-80's at home, it was in the 40's there. We had snow flurries... but the plum tree decided to bloom for us anyway.

I made my sister a Red Velvet wedding...hat. It was tasty.

Chicago. I got bored on the plane.


Samantha Bangayan said...

Missing home now too! =) Glad you had a good time there. The cake looks delish!

caitlinvb said...

Vancouver was supposed to be under 10 degrees (C) the whole time I was there and rainy. But it decided to be sunny quite a bit and in the teens, so we were happy. A few flurries, but mostly while we were till doing hinge like eating breakfast! Very thankful to Vancouver for hosting :)