Monday, September 05, 2011

Chicken Update - A Secondhand Account

So... The Henrietta story continues... she is such a sweet chicken, but the story of her laying her second egg is comparable to that of the first...

And this is how it was related to me (as I was at work).

The spawn was in the 'living room' playing video games, and Henrietta hopped up in there (we don't have a door on it to the outside, if you remember...) and hopped back up on the couch. When the manfriend saw this and realized she was settling in to lay, he scooped her up and took her back down to the coop where the spawn and I had set up some nesting 'boxes' for the ladies.

No go. She wasn't having any of that, apparently. She flew up and tried to fly out of the coop, managing to get herself between the plywood door and the screen door that zippers down in front of it (our chicken palace is really a reinforced gazebo tent thing, you see). Mike, upon seeing his favorite hen ensnared so, freed her. She took the opportunity to waddle up the hill (I believe at full speed), back to said couch, and when he arrived he found the Spawn sitting on the arm of the love seat with Henrietta in it having laid an egg, and helping herself to the Spawn's leftovers of scrambled egg and milk.

To hear Mike tell it, there was much squawking and flapping of wings involved. Again. Which I don't doubt a bit.

Yes. We have a very determined, very spoiled chicken it seems.

And so begins the attempts at training the ladies to lay in the coop. I hope (hope hope!) the other ladies haven't started laying yet - I have yet to find evidence of it, nor have I smelled rotten eggs anywhere (and in the heat of the past few weeks, we would have). We've got golf balls in the 'nesting boxes' in a (vain?) attempt to lure them to use them. We're also keeping them all in the coop for the next few days to eliminate other options and to try to get them to lay IN the coop.

Looks like I'm gonna have to  actually put together something more comfy and invest in some wooden (or ceramic) eggs....

The Spawn is convinced that she keeps laying on the couch because chickens can read. Yes. His theory is that they can read both the label on the 'nesting boxes' that reads "Oil Drain Pan", and the label on the 'eggs' that reads "Wilson". Starting to think he may be on to something here...

Henrietta. BEFORE I had to start watching were I sit
UPDATE: I was corrected by the manfriend after telling this story - it seems that Henrietta was sitting on the remote and continuously turned the TV off and on throughout. As the TV doesn't always turn on for us, this is even more momentous.


Kerri said...

Hilarious! :)

Malia said...

I've never heard of anyone TRAINING a chicken... Good luck with that!

caitlinvb said...

Malia - it happens. Or it can. And I do believe Henrietta is proof of it - she has been 'trained' to be spoiled, and I'm quite sure that she thinks she's (as Mike put it) 'a people'. Yes. I don't think she got the memo that she's a chicken at all...Making new nesting box accommodations for her this morning.... we shall see.