Tuesday, September 07, 2010

#3, 2 & 1!

As I write this I am in beautiful Vancouver BC awaiting the next stop of my tour and enjoying the rain...

And for the first time since my arrival more than a week ago I have the chance to escape the chaos and ruminate on recent events...at least until my parents find me!

Things to do before I leave California #3: enjoy one more prolonged afternoon in the redwoods.
Umm. yeah. I'm hoping that this one is obvious.....

#2: enjoy one more day at the beach
Again - hoping this is obvious. My top two favorite beaches near Point Arena both became inaccessible due to various storms and whatnot in the past few years, so Schooner Gulch has turned into numero uno. I love it as it's even more ever-changinger (you haven't heard of that word before? really? what?) than some other beaches - the river may or may not go all the way to the ocean, it may or may not be deep, there may or may not be sea anemones and crabs and whatnot. Also being the site of my being chased by a mama seal and losing my shoes, it holds a soft spot in my heart. And the urban legend involving the beached whale.

#1: get out while you still can!
I love California. I am famous for walking around spouting nonsense that boils down to how much I love California. California is entertaining, beautiful, and dagnammit is populated by some of the oddest peeps I've ever met (not necessarily a bad thing). But. California is akin to that utopian concept that seems so SO close. And yet so very, very far.

And so. While much of my heart resides in Point Arena, California (home of the Point Arena Mountain Beaver, an amazing lighthouse, a great theater, my favorite bakery, and kookiness galore) I am moving on.

*raises glass to the next adventure!*

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