Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Flickr genious

I have to admit that whoever the people are that are behind the scenes at Flickr, and that actually make the funtioning of the site possible, are friggin' brilliant. While the Flickr site is down they are holding a contest. A contest! Instead of the stupid - we're sorry we can't help you blurb, they have put up two big dots. And if you print them out, color them in, take a picture of them, and post them on Flickr, you could win a pro account with them. So basically, as a Flickr usuer, I could potentially spend the time that the site is down calmly humming a little tune and coloring (and trying to stay in the lines), instead of fuming and stomping around. All in the hopes of obtaining something that's not really gonna cost Flickr a penny. So they promote their site, apease their fans, and give me a sense that they're gonna give me something all because they got too much data to store in their data centers. Amazing. Again.Who comes up with that idea?

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Anonymous said...

wow gold opportunity!