Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Question for Foster Farms

OK. Why is is that any food you see on the shelf in the supermarket (and I'm talking big scary Safeway here) has to list every minute ingredient, as well as whether or not they process nuts and other allergens on the premises on packages, and yet on packages of meat they don't? Literally - I picked up a package of chicken that said '100% natural Chicken and natural florvings' on the front in big yellow letters. And yet there was not list of ingredients printed with the Nutrition Panel on the back. Very very scary. And this isn't Purdue or Butterball or some really evil mass-producer, this is a company trying to get into the more mainstream market with an all-natural edge. It looked like a package of chicken thighs to me. How was I to know? Scary.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. I understand you pain.. or rather puzzlement... When water isn't simply water anymore..... remineralized, distilled and other unimaginablely scary filtering. What is this world coming to>????


caitlinvb said...

Exactly. And all the Kombucha freaks (I am one of them) are guzzling Kombucha that is sold regularly but contains alcohol. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

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